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Genealogy and Marriages of the family of Boileau de Castelnau de la Garde et

de St. Croix de Boiriac.


(This is a copy of what my grandmother, Catherine Charity Bond (I call her Granny), wrote down in a small red book. I photocopied it about 20 years ago, and I'm not sure where the original is. Perhaps with Alfred in Hamilton. There were also some copies of Boileau portraits, the originals of which are with Pop in Takapuna, and which I have scanned to computer. This was most likely copied from part of the Innes chart.)


A much more complete genealogy of the family was in possession of Chevalier Charles Boileau, but it was burnt in the general conflagration which succeeded the earthquake of Lisbon in 1755.


I           Etienne Boileau is the first of family whose name is on records in 1253. He was appointed by Louis IX Grand Provost of Paris, then the most eminent Officer of (the?) 31 years before the French Parliament existed.


II.         Robert Boileau son of Etienne, accompanied Louis IX on his expedition to the Crusades in 1270, and perished at the siege of Tunis.


III and IV.         Jean and Jean Boileau, his son and grandson. The latter was ennobled by Charles I in 1341 and became 1st Baron Boileau. A certificate of the Patent of nobility granted to him and his posterity was given by the Bishop of Paris in 1667 and registered in the Chamber of Accounts there.


V.         Jean Boileau, his son, 2nd Baron went with many other nobles and gentlemen to the succour of the Emperor Sigismund, and was killed at the battle of Nicopolis in 1396.


VI.        Regnaud Boileau, his son, 3rd Baron, was made by Charles VI in 1390 Treasurer of the Seneschalship of Beaucaire and Nismes, and was the first in the family who resided in Languedoc. In 1391 he was commissioned by Charles VI to build the Castle of Nismes, the great towers of which still remain. He was permitted to bear the Crescent in his Coat of Arms in memory of his father's gallantry at the battle of Nicopolis. His arms (a castle, etc) are still seen over the door of a home in which he had formerly resided, in Montereau, in the Province of the Isle of France.


VII.       Antoine Boileau, his son, 4th Baron, succeeded his father (at his death in 1400) in the office of Treasurer, in virtue of which office he had precedence of all others in the seneschalship, except the Chief Justice.


VIII.      Giullaume Boileau, his son, 5th Baron, succeeded his father as Treasurer. In 1470 he married the Hon. Etiennette (daughter of Jean Bourdin, Receiver General of Partou?) with a portion of 400 gold crowns. He died in 1494, having had a family of eleven children. His tomb is still shown at Nismes, bearing the following inscription (in Latin, here translated): To the blessed memory of Sieur Giullaume Boileau, treasurer of our most Serene King. His son, also Treasurer, caused this monument to be constructed, with a chapel for himself and his family, in the year of our Lord 1494 September. Pray to the dead, that they may rest in peace.


IX.        Antoine Boileau, his son, 6th Baron, became treasurer, the reversion of the office being executed to him by Charles VIII in 1494. He was confirmed in the office by Louis XII in 1498, at Senlis, and again in 1513 at Valence, also by Francis I at Paris in 1515. Antoine purchased the estate of Castelnau-de-la-Garde, and of St. Croix de Boiriac, from the Comte Secoudin de St. Felix, for £400 and in 1500 took possession of the property, receiving the oath of fidelitiy from his vassals. In 1497 he married Francoise, daughter and heiress of Dr. Jean Frosselliere (councillor and principal physician to Charles VIII) and by her had four children. Pope Leo X, in an indulgence dated August 1516 recognized Antoine and his descendants as Noble,  and this document remained among the archives of the family till the year 1755. Nicolas, his youngest of three brothers, is believed to have been the ancestor of the Poet Boileau Despreaux, born 1635.


X.         Jean Boileau, his son, 7th Baron and 2nd Baron de Castelnau &c &c was born in 1500 and succeeded his father as Treasurer in 1534 (being the 5th in succession in that office). He was the first of the family who embraced Protestant opinions, for which he suffered imprisonment, was tortured and beheaded by the Duc-de-Nemours in 1560. In 1538 he married Anne de Montcalm, leaving one son and six daughters.


XI.        Jean Boileau, his son, 8th Baron, and 3rd Lord de Castelnau &c, born in 1545, was 1st Consul of Nismes in 1605, and Syndic of the diocese. In 1571 he married Honora de Blanche, who died leaving one daughter. In 1576 he married, secondly, Rose de Calviere, and by her had twelve children. In 1600 the inhabitants of Nismes deputed him to Montpellier where an assembly was to be held relative to the putting into execution the Edict of Nantes. He died in 1618, and in his widow attained a great age, dying in 1644.


XII.       Nicolas Boileau, his son, 9th Baron and 4th Lord of Castelnau &c was born in 1578. He studied in Geneva, and took his degree as Avocat at Valence in 1598. In his profession he rose to great eminence and having amassed the sum of £1400 Sterling, he resolved to visit foreign countries. In 1617 he travelled through England, Ireland, Holland and Flanders; and the following year through Germany, Italy and Spain. In 1619 he married Anne de Calviere, by whom he had eleven children and died in 1657. The record in the College of Arms, London, commences with him.


XIII.      Jacques Boileau, his son, 10th Baron and 5th Lord of Castelnau etc, was born in 1626, and succeeded his father, his elder brother Francis having died. In 1652 the inhabitants of Nismes elected him Councillor. In 1660, he married Franoise (daughter of Noble Jacques de Vignolles) who brought him a fortune of £20,000 Sterling. The Edict of Nantes having been revoked by Louis XIV in 1685, Franoise took refuge in the Convent of the Pugin, and in 1688 removed to the Ursuline Convent at Nismes whence she fled to Lyons, and ultimately to Geneva in 1690. Her family having escaped to Brandenbourg, she joined them in that place in 1692, and having there buried 5 of her children, returned to Geneva a short time before her death (which took place in January 1700) having survived her husband and eleven children. The Baron Jacques, with many others of the reformed religion at Nismes, was sent to Lyons and there imprisoned in the Chateau de Pierre Guise, in which place he had a paralytic stroke, and was in consequence permitted to visit the Baths of Balarne, but deriving no benefit from them, he was again imprisoned at St. Jean de Vendas, one league from Montpellier, where he died July 1694 after a captivity of 10.5 years, aged 71. He had 16 children. His 5th but eldest surviving son Charles emigrating to England (as will be more fully detailed below) he was succeeded by his next surviving son Maurice as 11th Baron and 6th Lord of Castelnau &c. He was born in 1678, had twelve children, and dying in 1741 was succeeded by his son Charles as 12th Baron and 7th Lord of Castelnau etc. He was born in 1715 and entered the Army in 1734, but quitting? it soon after his father's death in 1742 he settled at Nismes. There he married  Catherine Vergez D'Aubesargues, by whom he had five children. In 1754 he visited Spain and Portugal, and perished in the great Earthquake at Lisbon  on 1st November 1755. He was succeeded by his son Charles as 13th Baron and 8th Lord of Castelnau. He was born in 1745, married in 1765, had nine children, died in 1785, and was succeeded by his eldest son Simeon Charles Barnabe as 14th Baron and 9th Lord of Castelnau. He was born in 1767. In 1790 he visited his relatives in Ireland, and returning to France, resided at Castelnau Castle till the Peace of 1814, when he accompanied Louis XVIII to Paris. He was Mayor of Nismes in 1811. His descendants and the present Baron still reside in the ancienet Chateau de Castelnau, 6 miles from Nismes, which has been for upwards of 3.5 centuries in the family.


XIV.     Charles Boileau, the 5th but eldest surviving son of Jacques Boileau, 10th Baron, born in 1673 was teh rightful heir to the Barony of Castelnau, but escaping from France when his father was imprisoned he took refuge in England. Determining not to return to the land which had martyred his father, but to settle in England, and having entered the British Army, firm to his Protestant faith, he formally made over to his younger brother Maurice, all right and title to the family possessions in France, by a will, dated 2nd March, 1722, which was proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 20 January, 1733. By Charles' renumeration (repudiation?) of his country, on Maurice devolved likewise the titles of the family, consequently he became the 11th Baron and 6th Lord of Castelnau, as stated above. In 1704 Charles visited Holland, and there married Marie Magdelen, daughter of Daniel ? D'Escury, Major in Lord Galloway's French Regiment of Cavalry in England. In 1711 he sold out of the army and took up his residence iwth his family in Southampton. In 1722 he removed to Dublin and there died in 1733. He had 10 children of whom 4 died in infancy. Three died, leaving no family, one of whom, Charles Daniel (the eldest son born at Southampton in 1711 and died in London in 1772) administered to his father's will in 1733, the executors being deceased. His youngest daughter Marie, born in Dublin in 1723, maried in 1745 Henry Hardy, merchant in Cork, by whom she had 10 children, but of these, only one, Henry Simeon, born at Southampton in 1717 married in 1741 Magdalene Desbusay, or De BrizŽ - (a family distinguished in the annals of France - a daughter of Marechal le Duc de BrizŽ and niece of Cardinal Richelieu, by name Claree Clemeull? de Maille, was married to the great Conde, Prince of the Blood Royal). For particulars of the families of both Marguerite and Simeon see the annexed charts.




Marguerite Boileau (1709-1778)

married in 1737

the Revd. John Peter Droz

Simeon Droz (1742-?)


1st Frances Boutelle

2nd Mary Coke?

Continuation of descent down to 1869 is shown on chart drawn and ?? by W. and A. K. Johnston, Edinburgh.

Charles Boileau (1673-1733), son of Jacques, 6th Lord of Castelnau

married in 1704

Mary Magdalena D'Escury


Louisa Droz (1747-?)


John Sherwood



Simeon Boileau (1717-1767)

married in 1741

Magdalena De Brize, daughter of Theophilus De la Coeur De Brize and of Magdalena Vergez D'Aubesargue.






Simeon Boileau (1717-1767)

married in 1741

Magdalena De BrizŽ (Desbrisay),

daughter of Theophilus De la Coeur De Brize and of Magdalena Vergez D'Aubesargue.



Magdalena Boileau, 1743


Theophilus Boileau, 1744

Continuation of descent down to 1867 shown in the chart in possession of Mrs Graham of Edmond Castle

Solomon Boileau, 1745


1st Dorothy Gladwell (1766)

2nd Lucy Slater (1792)


Simeon Boileau, 1745


John Peter Boileau, 1747


Henrietta Pollen


Anne Charlotte Boileau, 1748


Peter Friell


Bonnie Boileau, 1749


Lestock Wilson


Philip Daniel Boileau, 1751


Mary Magdalena Boileau, 1752


Henrietta Boileau, 1753


John Peach


Thomas Boileau, 1754-1806

m. 1796

Leah Jessup


John Theo Boileau, 1755


Jane Wilson


Marguerite Boileau, 1757


Sarah Boileau, 1758


Gaspard F. Boileau, 1759


Elizabeth Boileau, 1760


Michael Carter


Margaret Boileau, 1762



Thomas Boileau, 1754-1806

6th son of Simeon Boileau and

Magdalena Desbrisay

m. 1796

Leah Jessup



Thomas Ebenezer John Boileau, 1796


1st  Mary Anne Miller (issue 2)

2nd E. Conry (no issue)

3rd E. H. Norfar (issue 6?)


Elizabeth Magdalena Boileau, 1798


John Samuel Bosanguet?


Simeon John Boileau, 1799


Charlotte S(?)ohning


John Peter Boileau, 1800


John Theophilus Boileau, 1805


Anne Hanson


Leah Anne Boileau

(I can't quite figure it out here, and this could be wrong)

Henry Alexander Edmonstone Boileau, 1807


Charlotte Hanson (m. 1834?)

Gracey Tovey (m. 1850?)



Thomas Ebenezer John Boileau (1796-1853)



1st  Mary Anne Miller (issue 2)

Thomas Alfred Boileau


Archibald J. Maddy Boileau


1.  Georgina E. Boileau

(issue 1; Georgina Fanny Boileau)

2. Lucy Smalley

issue 6;

Edward Hudson Boileau

Thomas Smalley Boileau

Adeline Lucy Boileau

Catherine Harriett Boileau

Marie Delehal (?) Boileau

Alice Mary Boileau

2nd E.E. Conry (no issue)


3rd E. H. Norfar (issue 6)

Mary Elizabeth Boileau


George Elliot Clarke

Here enter the Grahams of Edmond Castle. These are Granny's grandparents, i.e., the grandparents of Catherine Charity Bond. Details in Burke's Landed Gentry (1918 edition).

Ellen Leah Boileau


Reginald John Graham


Despreaux John Boileau


Sarah Anne Boileau


Hannah Amelia Boileau


Alice Upton Boileau


Ellen Leah Boileau


Reginald John Graham



Thomas Henry Boileau Graham


Herbert Reginald ? Graham


Mary Constance Boileau Graham


Caroline Eleanor Graham


Mary Pauline Caroline Graham


Geraldine Francis Elizabeth Graham


Violet Graham

Married James Shiner Bond in Hamilton, NZ. Granny's mother. Details in the full family tree.

Ellen Octavia Graham


Nona Evelyn Graham


Georgina Decima Graham


John Davenport Graham


Estelle Alice Graham


Olivia Graham