NameCharles (ii) Boileau [19], [18], [13], [15], 6G Grandfather
Birth1673 (1670?) [18]
Death7 Mar 1733 [18]
FatherJacques (ii) Boileau (1626-1697)
MotherFrançoise de Vignolles (1643-1700)
Birth12 Nov 1679, France [18]
DeathSep 1731
Marriage30 Dec 1703, French Church of Saint Patrick, Dublin [18]
ChildrenMarguerite (iv) (1710-1778)
 Charles Daniel (1711-1772)
 Henry Charles (1712-)
 Marie Louise (1713-)
 Simeon (i) (1717-1767)
 Pierre (1720-1762)
 Jean (1721-1772)
 Marie (1723-1760)
Notes for Charles (ii) Boileau
[BBC] [29] gives his date of birth as 1673, and date of marriage as 1704. They agree on the date of death, as 1733.

[RBB] [13]: Charles Boileau, the 5th but eldest surviving son of Jacques Boileau, 10th Baron, born in 1673 was the rightful heir to the Barony of Castelnau, but escaping from France when his father was imprisoned he took refuge in England. Determining not to return to the land which had martyred his father, but to settle in England, and having entered the British Army, firm to his Protestant faith, he formally made over to his younger brother Maurice, all right and title to the family possessions in France, by a will, dated 2nd March, 1722, which was proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 20 January, 1733. By Charles' renumeration (repudiation?) of his country, on Maurice devolved likewise the titles of the family, consequently he became the 11th Baron and 6th Lord of Castelnau, as stated above. In 1704 Charles visited Holland, and there married Marie Magdalen, daughter of Daniel Collot D'Escury, Major in Lord Galloway's French Regiment of Cavalry in England. In 1711 he sold out of the army and took up his residence with his family in Southampton. In 1722 he removed to Dublin and there died in 1733. He had 10 children of whom 4 died in infancy. Three died, leaving no family, one of whom, Charles Daniel (the eldest son born at Southampton in 1711 and died in London in 1772) administered to his father's will in 1733, the executors being deceased. His youngest daughter Marie, born in Dublin in 1723, maried in 1745 Henry Hardy, merchant in Cork, by whom she had 10 children, but of these, only one, Henry Simeon, born at Southampton in 1717 married in 1741 Magdalene Desbrisay, or De Brizé - (a family distinguished in the annals of France - a daughter of Marechal le Duc de Brizé and niece of Cardinal Richelieu, by name Claree Clemeull? de Maille, was married to the great Conde, Prince of the Blood Royal). [RBB got a lot of the above wrong. Granny got a bit confused, I think] For particulars of the families of both Marguerite and Simeon see the annexed charts [This, surely, refers to BBC [29], so Granny most likely saw the original, or a copy of it].

Lart [18]: Left France with his brothers and entered the English army as ensign in Farringdon’s Regiment, 1698; Lieut., 1703. Naturalised 4 May 1699 (“Charles Castelnau, born at Kismet (sic) in Languedoc in France, son of James de Boileau by Frances his wife”). Taken prisoner by the French in 1704, and exchanged at Valenciennes 1 Feb 1709. Left the army in 1711 and lived at Southampton till 1722, when he went to Ireland, where he became a wine merchant in Bride Street, Dublin. Died in Dublin, 7 March, 1733.

[19][C-D, III, 386]

[15][BBB]: “Founder of the British branches of the family. Left France in 1691, and went to Brandenburg, where he joined the Musketeers. Then, his uncle Charles de Vignolles having bought him an ensigncy in the British service, he went to England, and was commissioned on 25 May 1694. His name appears in a list soon afterwards as Cha. de Castelnau. He m in Dublin, 30 Dec 1703, Marie-Madelaine, b 1679 dau of Daniel Collot d'Escury, Seigneur de Landauran and Major in Lord Galway's French regiment of Cavalry. They had ten or twelve children, but the names of only ten are known, viz: Jacques-Daniel, Marguerite iv, Charles Daniel, Henry Charles, Marie-Louise, Georgette Madeleine, Simeon i, Pierre, Jean and Marie. The children were all christened in the French form of their names, but the English form came in course of time to be used for practical purposes. All but the two eldest and the youngest of the children were born in Southampton, where there was a considerable Huguenot colony, and these were baptised in the Walloon Church there.
Charles visited his relations in Nîmes in 1727 and 1730. His wife d in 1731, and he followed her in 1733.”

Again from BBB:
“Marguerite iv, eldest daughter of Charles and Marie-Madelaine, was the first Boileau born in England, in London on 9th December 1709. Charles then settled in Southampton, where there was a Huguenot colony. He was a popular man and was known as 'the gallant refugee', which seems to have referred to his social, rather than his military, qualities. In 1717 he entered into an agreement with his younger brother Maurice, under which, probably in consideration of some financial settlement, he renounced all right and title to to the property in France, which would have been his inheritance had he remained there. He did not, be it noted, succeed to the title of Seigneur, for Maurice was the Seigneur de Castelnau, being so described on a copy of the Certificate of Nobility in 1698. Charles, however, continued to be known as Boileau de Castelnau.

He lost £ 20,000 speculating in the South Sea Bubble in 1720, and it was perhaps because of this that in 1722 he set up as a wholesale wine-merchant, the occupation of many Huguenots. The venture was successful and was carried on by his sons. Charles died in Dublin in 1733, leaving four sons and two daughters living.”
Notes for Mary Magdalena (Spouse 1)
Charles and Marie Madeleine had eighteen children.
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