NameThomas (iv) Graham [5], 5G Grandfather
Birth1718, Warwick Bridge
Death20 Oct 1807, Hayton [16]
Marriage1746, Orton, Westmorland
2Margaret Coulthard [5], 5G Grandmother
Birth1726 [21]
Death25 Jul 1816, Stonehouse [16]
Marriage31 Jan 1749, Wetheral Church
ChildrenThomas (v) (1751-1813)
 James (1753-1825)
 Mary (1756-)
 Elizabeth (1758-1762)
 John (1761-1791)
 William (1763-1811)
 Margaret (1770-1794)
Notes for Thomas (iv) Graham
(From THB Graham, TCWAAS, VII, 13 [5]) His first wife was Elizabeth Garnett and they were married in 1746 by Chancellor Burn at Orton in Westmorland. The father’s marriage coincided with the date of the first Scottish rebellion, and the son’s with that of the second. It was on the occasion of his first marriage that Thomas Graham the younger planted the large Scotch fir tree which is still (1907) standing in front of the house at Edmond Castle, and it has always been regarded as a memorial of the invasion of the county by the young Pretender. Elizabeth died 16 months later, as did also her child.

A family prayer-book contains the following entry:- “ My dear wife died the 15th day of December, in the year of Our Lord, one thousand seven hundred and forty-seven, being 24 years of age. Her funeral sermon was preached by the Reverend George Gilbanks, minister at Wetheral.” On the fly-leaf is scrawled in a childish hand:-

Elizabeth Garnett’s book
God gave her grace on it to look
And when the bells.............

a popular rhyme which concludes:-

..........begin to toll
The Lord have mercy on her soul

This Thomas Graham, his three sons (Thomas, James and William) and his son-in-law, Richard Graham of Stonehouse, were all Justices of the Peace for the county, and their names appear in the commission of 1802.
Died in 1807 and was buried in the family vault at Hayton.

That large Scotch fir was (I’m pretty certain it’s the same one) still in front of Edmond Castle in 2005. I have a photograph of it, and there’s more detail in my little piece of Edmond Castle, accessible from my main web page.

Their second son James (the Baronet) had a huge memorial plaque carved and put on the wall of Hayton church [16]. Sort of like an early genealogy web page, but carved in stone instead. Plus ca change, huh? Just for completeness, here it is:

“Sacred to the memory of
who died October 20, 1807, aged 89, and
MARGARET his wife, daughter of Thomas Coulthard,
of Scotby, who died July 25, 1816, aged 91.
They were a happy couple,
religious, benevolent, with great simplicity of manners,
and beloved by all their neighbours.
They had four sons and three daughters:-
THOMAS, born 1751, married 1791, Elizabeth Susanna,
daughter of John Davenport, Esq, of Clapham Common.
He died June 23, 1813, and was buried at Acton, Middlesex.
They had six children:-
Thomas Henry, born 1793, High Sherriff of Cumberland, 1824,
John, born 1791, married 1821, Caroline Eleanor, daughter
of E.E. [sic] Curteis Esq. M.P. for Sussex, and have one child
Reginald John, born 1822.
Eliz. Maria, born 1795
Emily, born 1797
Harriet; born 1798, died 1806, buried at Acton,
Anne Margaret, born 1801, married 1825, Edward Polhill, Esq, and
have one child, Emily, born 1824.
JAMES, born November 18, 1753,
whom his late Majesty George III, on the 24th Sept. 1808,
was graciously pleased to create a Baronet;
he was elected M.P. for the Borough of Cockermouth
in 1802, 1806 and 1807,
and for the city of Carlisle in 1812, 1818 and 1820.
He married 1781, Anne, daughter of the Rev. John Moore,
Kirkstall, Co. York; She died August 28, 1821, and
was buried at Hendon, Middlesex, with three of her children.
They had three sons and two daughters:-
Anne, born 1782, married 1812, Adolphus John Dalrymple, Lieut. Col.
in the Army, M.P. for the borough of Appleby, the
eldest and now only surviving son of General Sir Hew
Whiteford Dalrymple, Baronet.
James, died 1785, buried at Hendon.
Thomas, died 1807, buried at Hendon.
Sandford, born 1789, M.P. for the borough of Ludgarshall, married 1819,
Caroline, daughter of John Langston, Esq. of Sarsden House,
County of Oxford. They have four children:-
Sandford, born Feb. 1821,
James, born Feb. 1822
Caroline, born March 1823
William Henry, born Dec. 1824,
Margaret, born 1791, died 1799, and buried at Hendon.
MARY, born 1756.
She married in 1791, Richard Graham of Stonehouse,
who died 1807, aged 61, buried at Hayton.
They had one child, Elizabeth Margaret, born 1792, who
married 1816, Lieut. Col. Sir Hew Dalrymple Ross, K.C.B.
They have had five children:-
Hew Graham, born 1817,
Mary Jane, born 1819, died 1823, buried at Hayton,
Elizabeth Ann, born 1820,
George, born 1822,
Mary, born 1824.
ELIZABETH, born 1758, died 1762, buried at Hayton,
JOHN, born 1761, died 1791, buried under the chapel, Lincoln’s Inn,
WILLIAM, born 1763, died 1811, buried at Hendon,
MARGARET, born 1770, died 1794, buried at Littleham, Devonshire.

This memorial was erected by
in grateful remembrance of his
honoured parents and beloved brothers and sisters
Notes for Margaret (Spouse 2)
Died at Stonehouse, the residence of her daughter, Mary.
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