NameJacques de Vignolles , 8G Grandfather
Birth10 Jun 1609 [18]
Death26 Aug 1686, Prades [18]
Baptism18 Jun 1609, Prades [18]
TitleSeigneur de Prades
Birth21 Mar 1618
Death10 Aug 1666, Nîmes
Marriage24 Feb 1637, Chateau de Prades [18]
 Louis (1640-1693)
 Françoise (1643-1700)
 Charles (1645-1725)
 Alphonse (1645-)
 Alfonse (1649-1744)
 Henri (1650-1657)
 Marguerite (1652-1727)
 Louise (1653-1720)
 Edouard (1655-1680)
 Louis (1656-)
 Françoise (1657-)
 Gaspard (1659-)
 Madeleine (1661-1727)
Notes for Jacques de Vignolles
Louise and Jacques had eleven sons and five daughters. [ Lart, II, 94 [18]] Jacques maintained his noblesse 2 Jan. 1669. A genealogy of the Vignolles family appears in d'Hozier. [44] 
[C-D, XIX, 746] [19]. Maintained his nobility 2 January 1669.
Notes for Louise (Spouse 1)
Louise is an excellent example of how annoying Chesnaye-Desbois can be. He gives her as marrying Jacques de Vignolles (in the Vignolles pedigree [C-D, XIX, 746] [19]), and gives the pedigree of her father in detail (in the Baschi pedigree [C-D, II, 443] [19]) but doesn’t actually mention that Louise was the daughter of Louis Baschi d’Aubais and Anne de Rochemore. After all, she was only a girl. Silly bugger. So if you only had C-D to rely on you couldn’t trace her ancestry. Fortunately, Lart gives enough details to identify her definitively (assuming one can believe Lart).

[45] (constructed by William Addams Reitwiesner [RW]) has a detailed, fully referenced, pedigree of Louise, constructed by Reitwiesner from Chesnaye-Desbois and Europäische Stammtafeln , Neue Folge, herausgegeben von Detlev Schwennicke [Marburg: Stargardt].

From [RW]: Louise de Baschi and her husband Jacques des Vignolles, Seigneur de Prades , were seventeenth-century Protestants living in South-Eastern France. After King Louis XIV revoked (22 October 1685) the Edict of Nantes, which had allowed freedom of worship to French Protestants, many of Louise and Jacques' children and grandchildren left France for other places, such as Prussia, Switzerland, and Britain, where they could continue to practice their faith. Most of their grandchildren ended up in Dublin , from where, a few generations later, they spread to much of the rest of the English-speaking world, such as British India, British North America (including the Caribbean), and Australia.

Since the ancestry of Louise de Baschi (and of Jacques de Vignolles) is so well known, and so extensive, I’ve decided not to include it here.
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