NameJean Bourdin [18], [19], 13G Grandfather
 Antoine (->1487)
Notes for Jean Bourdin
Receveur Général des Finances of Poitou. C-D [19] comments that this is all we know about the family.

Arms from C-D [19]: D’azur, à une colombe d’argent, perchée sur un écot d’or, & tenant en son bec un rameau d’olivier de même. C-D then goes on to comment: “Others are given: de gueules, à trois têtes de daims d’argent, 2 & 1. If these last arms are correct, it appears that they would be a branch of the preceding [?]”

Now, this very strange. The first set of arms must surely be those shown for Françoise Trousellier, wife of Antoine Boileau, who was the grandson of Jean Bourdin (see the picture for her). In fact, C-D gives these very same arms for Trousellier (XIX, 37) also, as well as Bourdin. I think we can be reasonably sure that these arms belonged to Françoise Trousellier, because, after all, we have a contemporary picture. Well, I think it’s a copy of a contemporary picture, but I don’t know for sure. And anyway, it looks like C-D wasn’t too sure himself. It’s possible his sources got confused with the arms of the wives of the two generations of Boileau (Guillaume and Antoine).

Rietstap gives nothing on Trousellier, and I have not yet consulted him on Bourdin.
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