NameAmelia Matthews , GGG Grandmother
Birth15 Jun 1811, Alton, England [47]
Death14 Oct 1881, Brightwater, Nelson [47]
1William Neal , GGG Grandfather
Birthbef 11 Jun 1810, Alton, England [47]
Death10 Mar 1868, Waimea South [47]
FatherRichard Neal (1781-ca1816)
MotherSarah Beagley (ca1784-1847)
Marriage25 Jan 1834, Alton, England [47]
ChildrenWilliam James (ca1832-1865)
 George Richard (ca1834-1922)
 Sarah Ann (1836-1836)
 Charles Robert (1837-1841)
 Ellen (ca1838-1841)
 Henry (ca1840-1841)
 Thomas Nelson (1842-1924)
 Charlotte Ann (1844-1892)
 Edward John (1846-1942)
 Francis (1848-1911)
 Robert (1850-1919)
 Frederick (1853-1935)
 Charles (1854-1934)
2William Louden , Step GGG Grandfather
Marriage8 Sep 1874 [47]
Notes for Amelia Matthews
Main source is [BC] [47]. Amelia Neal and family came to Nelson on the infamous Lloyds (sailed London September 11th 1841 - arrived Nelson February 9th 1842), about which a great deal has been written. Conditions on the ship were appalling. Sixteen families lost all their children, and a total of 67 children died on the voyage, bad even for the usual immigrant ship.
The Neal family was
Amelia - 25; William - 9; George - 6; Charles - 4; Ellen - 2; Henry - 11 months
Ellen died on 20 September, Henry on 25 Sept, and Charles on the 7th of November. says that Daniel Matthew, age 22, Farm Labourer, brother of Mrs Neal in the preliminary expedition, came to Nelson on the Mary Ann, in 1842: Sailed Downs September 24th 1841 - arrived Nelson Tuesday February 8th 1842 at 8.30am.
Notes for William (Spouse 1)
The major source for William and Amelia Neal is [BC] [47]. He came to Nelson on the Will Watch, one of the first pioneer ships, with his wife following later on the infamous Lloyds. He was a bricklayer, and his occupation in later years was listed as sawyer, labourer, carpenter, bricklayer. He died from carditis in Waimea South, aged 57.
A detailed account of the early history of Nelson, including a lot more information about the Will Watch and the Lloyds is given in the book by Ruth Allan “Nelson: a history of early settlement” [293]. It’s actually quite a good read, with a lot of detail. The Busch family is mentioned explicitly, but not the Neal family. gives a list of the men on the Whitby and Will Watch, two of the ships that came to Nelson with Wakefield. William Neald (sic) appears in this list, and is almost certainly our William.
The WHITBY & WILL WATCH sailed from Gravesend on 2 May 1841, arrived in Port Nicholson on 8 September. On 8 October they sailed for Tasman Bay, and finally anchored in what is now Nelson Haven on 7 November, 1841. Captain Wakefield came on the Whitby.

A W. Neal signed up on 1 July 1848 to give 5 shillings to a subscription to repair the public thoroughfare along Lambton Quay, Wellington. (NZ Spectator and Cook’s Strait Guardian, 1 July 1848, page 2). A W. Norgrove also signed up, for the same amount. The W. Norgrove is certainly my William Norgrove, but the W. Neal almost certainly isn’t. He’s listed as a juror in Port Nicholson in 1847, with the occupation of watchmaker. Doesn’t sound like my W. Neal at all. In fact, in 1845 there were at least two different William Neals in Wellington, one a watchmaker, the other a sawyer.
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