NameChristina Clark , G Grandmother
Birthca 1870, Dunedin [51]
Death10 May 1909, Dunedin [51]
BurialSouthern Cemetery
FatherAdam Sprott Clark (1834-1904)
MotherJanet Christie Peddie (ca1838-1900)
1Benjamin McPherson , G Grandfather
Birthca 1851, New Monkland, Linlithgowshire [51]
Death20 Nov 1929, Dunedin [51]
BurialSouthern Cemetery
FatherRobert McPherson (ca1821-1895)
MotherMarion Waugh (ca1823-)
Marriage22 Dec 1887, Dunedin [52]
ChildrenJanet Peddie (1888-)
 Benjamin Binnie (1890-ca1961)
 Robert Adair (1896-1970)
Notes for Christina Clark
She was seven months pregnant when she dropped dead very suddenly (maybe from rheumatic fever). Robert Adair remembered her complaining about a pain in her chest. They found her with little Graham, aged about two, sitting next to her on the floor, crying.
She is buried in Lot 3, Block 103A of the Southern Cemetery, Dunedin. The cemetery record says that she died in 1909, aged 39 years. Wife. Resident of Howard St. Born Dunedin. The grave is still labeled “C. McPherson” (although no formal gravestone exists).
Notes for Benjamin (Spouse 1)
Engineer. Came to NZ with his parents in 1861 on the “Robert Henderson” from Clyde. The presence of Benjamin on that ship is not certain, because the children were described as 5 girls. Most likely this was just a mistake.

At first they lived in Manuka Creek, up near Lawrence. Later, Benjamin and Christina lived at 3 Howard St, behind the Railway Station, but Mum thinks that was probably after Christina died, and the family was much poorer. At some stage they lived at Riverton. And close to the Oval in Dunedin, opposite the pub on the south side (Robert, as a child, would take a sandwich and sit under the trees in the Oval). When Christina died, or before, the family lost all their money. Benjamin speculated, Mum thinks, and was most likely an alcoholic. (Mum learned this from Graham, son of Adam, son of Benjamin. Her own father never admitted that his father was an alcoholic.) Robert Adair said that his father spent his last 60 pounds burying Christina. Christina’s unmarried sister, Aunty Kate, came and looked after the children. Aunty Kate subsequently married and lived in Auckland. She came to Mary-Jane’s christening (Mary Jane, my elder sister) and Mum has a photograph of her. She gave Mum that big heavy crystal jug that she keeps in the buffet cabinet; it had a star pattern on the bottom and we always served fruit juice in it. She died not long after.

Buried in the Southern Cemetery, Lot 3, Block 103A (same place as Christina). The cemetery record says that he died 20 Nov, 1929, aged 79. Engineer. Resident of 7 Forbury Crescent. Born Scotland. Lived 68 years in NZ.

I have a copy of his death certificate, which says he died on November 20th, 1929, at “11 St. David St From 1 Forbury Cresc., St. Kilda”. (I’m not sure what exactly this means.) His profession was listed as engineer, and his father’s profession as Miner. Cause of death was senile mycarditis. Five living children at the time of his death (4 males, 39, 36, 33 and 23, and 1 female, 30).

The marriage certificate of his son, Robert Adair, lists Benjamin’s profession as Marine Engineer, which is the only place I’ve seen the marine bit. Could be true.
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