1. Original birth certificate of Catherine Graham.
2. Original marriage certificate.
3. BT: The Bond family tree, compiled by Brian and Carol Robinson, 62 Houchens road, Hamilton (file ref: geneol.017). I have a version printed out on 15 April, 1989. I have no documentation of the assertions made, particularly about the early part of the tree, but it appears to have been done reliably, and agrees with what other independent information I have. I’ve tried to contact the Robinsons, with no success. Maybe they died. Or moved.
4. The tombstone of Ellen Octavia Graham and James Shiner Bond in the Waikumete cemetery, and from the cemetery records.
5. THB Graham, “The Old Village of Edmond Castle,” Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquities and Archaeological Society, VII, 1907, 13.
6. From birth certificate of Mary Emily. Copy of original.
7. Death certificate of Alfred Trevelian Sneyd
8. Marriage certificate of Alfred and Emily. Copy of original.
10. FreeBMD marriage certificate. Vol. 11a, page 651.
11. Information from Nick Howell, who married into the Sneyd family. Information obtained in 2014, but not independently verified.
12. BDM historical records. Online.
13. RBB: Old Granny’s “Red Book of Boileaus”, or so I call it. Handwritten notes, kept by the old Granny, and obtained I don’t know when. However, just about all the details I can check independently are agree with other sources.

Interestingly, in 2004, another Boileau descendeant, Leigh Boileau, sent me a copy of a wall chart that one of his relatives picked up on a trip to the UK in 1929. This wall chart is quite clearly the place that Old Granny got her information, as it is word-for-word identical to what is written in RBB. Old Granny claims she got the information while on a visit to Edmond Castle, and one suspects that the original wall chart was hanging up there.
14. Burke, Landed Gentry, 1937 edition. Graham of Edmond Castle. I don’t have page numbers, only a copy that my great-uncle Eric sent to me when I was a boy. However, I have checked that the Grahams of Edmond Castle do actually appear in that edition.
15. BBB: The Chronicles of the Family of Boileau known as de Castelnau de la Garde de Sainte-Croix de Boiriac, Compiled by DIGBY WHICHER BOILEAU over many years and up to his death at the age of 82, in 1976. Subsequently the work was continued by his brother, THOMAS WHICHER BOILEAU, who produced the first version of the book before his own death at the age of 85. This later, and where possible, more complete
version is now presented by PETER MUDIE BOILEAU, son of Digby and nephew of Tom.

A detailed, and very well sourced, history of the Boileau family. With thanks to Vincent O’Grady for sending this to me.

As a chronicle it’s heavily weighted towards military matters, which are described in loving detail. The wives and daughters get very little mention at all, except when they impinge briefly on more manly pursuits, like killing people.
16. [MMC]: Plaque on the wall of the Mary Magdalene church, Hayton. Photographed by me in August, 2005.
17. Information from the 1911 Census of England and Wales.
18. Lart, Charles E., Huguenot Pedigrees, London: Guimaraens, 1928.
19. C-D: François Aubert de la Chesnaye-Desbois, Dictionnaire de la Noblesse, Daprès la troisième édition en 19 volumes de 1863 A 1876. Republished (at really crappy image quality) on CD by Héraldique & Généalogie,
20. Reginald J. Graham, “Eastbourne Recollections”. M. Holloway, Printer, South St. Eastbourne, 1888. You can still find copies of this book online. It contains a lot of information about Eastbourne at that time, and a lot of stories of Reginald’s legal cases, but almost no personal information about him. Bummer.
21. C. Roy Hudleston and R.S. Boumphrey, Cumberland Families and Heraldry,The Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society, Extra Series, XXIII, 1978
22. Newspaper clipping, of which I have a copy. Not sure which newspaper, but presumably the Times.
23. 1911 Census
24. Probate record of Florence Ethel. National Probate Calendar.
25. GEC: Handwritten notes from the old Granny (Catherine Charity Bond) about the Grahams of Edmond Castle, written from her own memory in about 1970 or so. They are not very extensive, containing little more than one can find from Burke, but they contain a few additional gems.
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