26. Lancashire Evening Post, Monday 18 May, 1903
27. Olivia Graham, Memoirs of a Lady Motorist, George Routledge & Sons, Ltd, London, 1916. Mum and Dad bought a copy of this, for not all that much (I guess). It’s a great read.
28. [JB] Jesup, Henry Griswold,
Edward Jessup of West Farms, Westchester Co., New York, and his descendants.  Cambridge, Mass. : Priv. print. for the author, by J. Wilson and Son, 1887.
442 p. : front., plates, ports., coat of arms.

I have a pdf copy of this book, which is a fantastic resource for the Jessups. Well over 250 pages, with a wealth of information about the Jessups, including letters written by Leah Jessup, copies of land transactions, military letters, etc, and seemingly careful with the evidence. A very professional job, so it appears to me.
29. BBC: The Big Boileau Chart. This is the chart of Boileau descendants that was finished and compiled in December 1867 by Jane Alicia Innes, and a copy of which is still in the possession of Chris Read, who sent me a copy. It is clearly the original from which Granny copied out her Red Book, and also the original of the chart owned by Leigh Boileau. It has handwritten additions from the 1890s on.

Of course, its information is only as reliable as that given to the original compositor, as she herself points out on the chart.

The dates and names are often difficult to read, and thus the information shown here, as I’ve transcribed from the chart, might be faulty in places. Tough. So sue me.

BBB refers once to something it calls “The Innes chart”. It’s hard to believe that this refers to something other than this chart, but no more detail is given. Furthermore, the reference in BBB to the Innes chart doesn’t seem to be consistent with the chart I’ve seen. It seems to be referring to something quite different. Unlikely though this might seem, it’s possible that BBB didn’t refer to this chart at all. However, in BBB there is another oblique reference made to an attempt to list all the descendants, including those in the female line, and this almost certainly refers to this chart.
30. From Sidney Holdrege, who transcribed the French register of Lucy Lane and Peter Street.
31. A chart entitled “Skeleton Pedigree of the Noble Family of Boileau de Castelnau”, compiled by H.D.W. in 1895. I have the original version of this chart, which was purchased by Nigel Jeffares in Eastbourne in 2011 (from some second-hand shop or other). Nigel was kind enough to contact me, and allow me to purchase the chart from him.
32. Rietstap, Johannes Baptist. 1828-1891, Amorial general: precede d’un dictionnaire des termes du blason. Associated illustrations in the supplement by V.H. Rolland.
33. Beaminster parish records. Online at
34. Information from Patrick Baty, a descendant of Anne Margaret Graham
35. The Birds of Iona and Mull, 1852-70, by Henry Davenport Graham, edited and with an introduction by J.A. Harvie-Brown. Published by David Douglas, Edinburgh, 1890. This is easily available online, from print-on-demand places.
36. Information from the family Bible of the descendants of Henry Davenport Graham. Provided to me by Anne, a descendant of HDG.
37. Bath Chronicle and Weekly Gazette - Thursday 25 August 1791
38. Survey of London, Vol 50, Chapter 13. Clapham Common to Lavender Hill
39. The life of the Reverend Thomas Collins, by Samuel Coley. London, 1869. Not sure who published this. Maybe it was a vanity publication.
40. From the Lambeth Archives, but not checked independently. I guess I trust this date.
41. The Grahams of Kirkstall, by Canon W.H. Mackean, D.D., a self-published book, made and printed by Staples Printers Limited, Rochester, Kent. It was written sometime after 1960, and gives a list of sources. It seems plausible and reliable. I’m guessing the author had access to quite a few family papers.

I’ve put this on the web at
42. From the Desbrisay genealogy at Done by Don Lowe, one of people who has sent me a large amount of information.
43. Death notice in the P.E.I. Gazette. Feb. 13, 1819.
44. DH: d’Hozier, Armorial Général de France, ou Registres de la Noblesse de France, 1970 reprinting of the facsimile edition of Firmin-Didot, 1865-1908, Éditions du Palais Royal, Paris.
45. RW: W. A. Reitwiesner, The Ancestors of Louise de Baschi. Web page (with detailed source information) It appears well done and quotes sources in detail. I’ve checked a few of the earlier generations, and found good agreement with Lart, and the page references to Chesnaye-Desbois all appear correct. I trust this document.
46. Marriage certificate of Robert Adair McPherson and Freda Alice Neal.
47. BC: Brenda Carr, In Search of a Better Life. Self-published, July 1998. This is a wonderful and detailed history of the descendants of William and Amelia Neal, in all their manifold and varied branches. Unfortunately, not a single reference is given. I assume that a lot of the information was from word-of-mouth, but it cannot all have been. Nevertheless, all the information I have able to check independently has been accurate, so I am reasonably confident of its accuracy.
48. Information from the birth certificate of Kate Edith. Original record.
49. The Busch Line: from serfdom to freedom, Harold R. Busch, 1984. A detailed history of the Busch family in Nelson and New Zealand, replete with facts of startling dullness. But also full of priceless information and photographs. It took me quite a while to track down a copy of this book.
50. Recollections of Kate Edith Neal, as transcribed by her granddaughter, Rosalie Sneyd, in about 1973.
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