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In 2009 I wrote a book for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary, a book about their ancestry, and thus, necessarily, my own.
You can download it yourself here.

The print-ready version is almost 500 MB in size, and if anybody wants to print out their own copies I can put it up here. Just ask me.
The version for download here is much smaller, and designed to be read as a pdf file, not printed out for binding

Rich Man, Poor Man (low res)

Rich Man, Poor Man Cover (low res).

If you prefer to download individual chapters, here they are.

Chapter 1: McPherson, Clark, Peddie. (Mostly based in Dunedin, New Zealand)
Chapter 2: Neal, Busch. (From the Nelson and Blenheim areas)
Chapter 3: Norgrove (Nelson and Blenheim).
Chapter 4: Sneyd, Bond (Auckland)
Chapter 5: Grahams of Edmond Castle (Cumberland, UK)
Chapter 6: Curteis, Beale, Barrett, etc. (Kent, Sussex, Yorkshire)
Chapter 7: Boileau de Castelnau (France and England)
Chapter 8: Jessup (New York and Connecticut)
Chapter 9: Other Huguenots (mostly from the south of France) .