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A selection of charts and ahnentafels

For convenience, here is a summary chart of my ancestry, designed (I hope) for easy navigation and for web browsing.

Here are the original huge Boileau chart (124 MB) and my modern version (1.5 MB). This chart was made in 1867, and lists a large number of descendants of Charles Boileau.

Here are two pretty charts, designed to be printed as A1 or A0 posters. One of Dad's ancestry (40 MB), one of Mum's ancestry (80 MB). These charts are abbreviated, and fancied up for printing.

For a more detailed look, I've broken my ancestry down into three pieces:

  1. My New Zealand ancestors; McPherson, Neal, Norgrove, Sneyd, Anderson, Clark, etc.
  2. A partial ancestry of my great-grandmother Ellen Octavia Graham, which contains the Grahams of Edmond Castle, the Boileau de Castelnau, and a host of other minor French and English families, mostly post-medieval. A lot of Huguenots here;
  3. A chart which contains most of the medieval lines. This last contains only well-known families, to which almost everybody in Western Europe is probably related, one way or another. Because these descents are so well-known I find them somewhat less interesting, although their antiquity gives them a certain appeal. I haven't bothered too much to put in all the available information, as there is just too much of it, and none of it is new.

Chart I; New Zealand
Chart II; English, Huguenot, and post-medieval French
Medieval chart.

Just for fun I include one big chart, of everything. It's pretty big, about 17 MB, and you can't ever get a view of the whole thing.

And one less up-to-date pretty chart, with prettier pictures, of almost everything. It takes too long to make everything look so nice, which is why it isn't up-to-date.