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Dillon St. painting

The old Norgrove family home, Dillon Street, in Blenheim built by William andhis sons in 1864. The original painting is in Joan McNaught's hands. I think that she found the painting by accident in a second hand shop.Joan says:"The coloured painting of Dillon St. was done by an unknown painter and obviously well before my time.... The garden was not so extensive or well kept after Aunt Emma lost her sight.A Blenheim friend was visiting and saw (the) painting hanging and recognised it, the owner had no idea of its background, but once she was told and that there was still family in Blenheim, it was given to our friend who was asked to give it to family - my Mother and sister. My sister Dorothy Norgrove is in a home in Blenheim and has the painting on the wall of her room there."